Saturday, March 8, 2008

And Then There Were None

We said goodbye to the last puppy, Daisy, last night. She went home with a lovely family of boys and I think she will be very happy (I know Logan was). Now that we have a little more spare time we will try to post a few more pictures, we have some of the people who took the puppies and would like to at least post those.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outdoor playtime

The Puppies went out to play today, boy did they have fun, but they did get tired!!


Patch after playing.

Playing with that ball made me tired! (Duke)

Daisy got worn out playing!



Lucky and Oreo under the slide.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

First food

We laid out a bowl of real puppy food for the first time today, I think they like it! Daisy keeps getting pushed out, but she decided to go for the middle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet the Puppies: Daisy

This is Daisy. She is the smallest, but not by much, she was also the last puppy born. Notice the yellow star on her head and neck.

Meet the Puppies: Lucy

Lucy is a feisty little thing, she is chewing on everyone-and she doesn't even have teeth!

Meet the Puppies: Duke

Duke is the biggest puppy and also a little bit of a whiner. Duke has a adoptive family already, yea Kenneth!

Three Weeks old!

Guess what the puppies are three weeks old today!!! And now they can actually see they had their eyes open but they could not see idk why they just couldn't. but now little Lucy she thinks that she is a whole lot bigger then she is so she is always trying to bite every one that she comes near,but it does not hurt because she has no teeth!!! but it is very funny to watch and i will put her near Patch and she will attack her... or try to anyways! it is super cute i will try to take a picture of them fighting each other but they only do it when I don't have the camera round! well that is all for right now keep you posted !


Note from Mom: this should have been posted on Tuesday, Feb. 5, but I was to busy to put it up for Carrie.